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Thank you for your interest in Engage Minds Learning. We welcome you to learn more about our setting and the dynamic space that we offer for children. At Engage Minds Learning, we firmly believe that our child-centered philosophy, carefully planned environment and caring, innovative educators, and outstanding home setting communication will provide you and your child with the best possible early education and child care experience.

Being Curiosity Approach oriented and certified we grounded in a strong image of the child. We see every child as strong, unique and capable. We value their thoughts, interests, imagination and enthusiasm. As educators we understand our role is to be partners in play and co-creators of knowledge. We also know that just like the children, we too, are always learning. We welcome the connection between home, our setting and the community and recognize the important role that our learning environment plays as the “third teacher.”

Our website provides you with an overview of our innovative approach and emerging curriculum as well as our welcoming , close to nature learning environment. More importantly, we invite you to schedule a tour and witness the magic of our work with the children.



“My kids love this place too.. Just within 3 months now my son can read smoothly and pronounce words correctly.. and the younger sister knows her phonics very well.. I have signed them up for school holiday programme.. Cannot wait for them to share their story”

Hidayati Ahmad, Son, Daughter in Phonics

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for more information? Check out our frequently asked questions to learn more about what makes Engage Minds Learning the perfect choice for your child’s education.


If you are passionate about play and working with children in ways that respect the child and what they stand for, if you value childhood as a unique time, if you love nature and being outdoors, get in touch with us. 

See Engage Minds Learning in Action

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